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Welcome to the “Phonetique” site. It is aimed at learners of French as a foreign language, but can also be used by native French speakers. On these pages, you will be able to hear all the sounds of the French alphabet, and those of the international phonetic alphabet. You will also find exercises to learn how to distinguish between sounds, as well as games to help you practise the sounds and rhythms of the French language.


You can navigate on this site as you wish. However if you are using it without the help of a teacher, we advise you to use the sections in the order in which they are presented. In the “Alphabet” section, you will find a presentation of the French alphabet and the international phonetic alphabet, as well as exercises to practise. The “Phonemes” section offers exercises to help you recognise and distinguish between the different vowel sounds, consonants and semi-vowels. The  “Other” section offers exercises to practice intonation and liaisons. Finally, in the “Tongue twisters” section, you will find fun pronunciation exercises.
NB :In some of the Phoneme Exercise, don’t forget to click on the phonetic symbols to hear a sample.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch (“contact us” section) or to leave a message on the forum. All your questions and comments are more than welcome and will help us to improve this site.



This site can be used with any browser. However, you will need the latest version of Flash (download it here), as well as an audio output either through headphones or speakers in order to do the exercises.

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